Mountain Lion how to show battery time remaining

Summary: To get the battery time remaining back in you’re menubar install and use this app. Then disable Apples battery state App if you don’t want to have 2 battery icons and you’re done!

Another “feature” of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is that you won’t be able to see the battery time remaining in your menubar. You have to click the battery icon to show the time. Since I find this quite annoying I decided to take some actions.

First I’ve submitted a bugreport to Apples Bug Reporter, I hope enough people will do that to catch the attention of some developers. That way we should be able to get this little feature back.

After searching the web I found an small App written by Han Lin Yap on GitHub. It was a bit rough but does show the remaining battery time. I decided to fork it and tweak around. First only to get rid of some Ω and <> signs, but starting to code I wanted to go somewhat further.

So what did I add?

  • Start on login functionality
  • Battery icon
  • Time remaining when charging the battery
  • Textual improvements (less special chars)
  • Some small code improvements
I think that there will be a lot more people looking for a small tool to show the battery time remaining in the menubar these days. So until Apple has restored this functionality you can download the App initiated by Han Lin Yap and extended by me.

Please feel free to contribute and/or add issues and feature requests on GitHub! Or just get in touch through Tumblr over here. :)